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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Over the past five months our world has been turned upside down and (trust me) coming from an extrovert, this time in history has presented challenges. I need people and I need the interaction that parties, weddings, or a family dinner provides. We can be honest and say life is just not the same. There is a weirdness when we talk about being "together". Yes, we have to rework plans and take more precautions when we gather but y'all I can't tell you how important it is to stay connected to people. We were not designed to live alone! From the beginning of time, people would gather, eat and celebrate! It is in our DNA-we need interaction!

People are scared to be around other people. There is a fear in people that runs deep and it is causing people to disconnect. While I do feel being cautious is good, I do worry that we are disconnecting! Being in the wedding industry, we have seen so many events canceled and postponed because we can't be around groups of people. It has been heartbreaking! There are two sides of the heartbreak for me: Obviously, I am so sad for all the couples and families who have gone from an ultimate high to a "what in the world just happened" feeling. It's deflating! As a wedding planner, I can't tell you how many phone calls have ended in tears as couples try to process the difficult decisions they have to make. They have been hard conversations. Conversations that literally end in heartbreak! Then there is the side of heartbreak for my business. The business I built from the ground up, the business I cherish and I love so much! The excitement (and exhaustion) of wedding season, seeing a Dad tear up when he sees his daughter for the first time in her dress, the relationships I have built with clients and with other wedding professionals. All of this has been lost this year-it has been heartbreaking!

What I have found and what I have learned in life is that in the darkest days and in my valleys, this is when I find new perspective and it's the time I reinvent myself, my goals, (and most importantly) my attitude! I come out of bad situations a better person and a person that I am proud of. I have realized just how unstoppable and how resilient I am! I am still here! I am still standing and I am ready to create amazing events! The Reno Wedding Industry may have been hit with unexpected guidelines but trust me when I say, we are all still here and we are ready to show the world how amazing weddings in our city can and will be again!

Reno is an amazing city! If you haven't explored the Biggest Little City lately, I encourage you to get out and explore! Downtown Reno has been reinventing itself for a few years now. New restaurants, new roads and to be honest, the amount of new businesses popping up in the downtown / midtown region is incredible! Even with many guidelines surrounding social gatherings, there is still an energy here that you don't want to miss out on!

Guidelines are not cancellations! While guidelines can be challenging, with the right mindset, we can reinvent your wedding to something even more romantic and intimate.

Reno has some of the best Wedding Professionals in the world. Recently, I had an idea to get together some of the best in our area and show the wedding community (both businesses + wedding couples) that we are still here for them! It's so important to know that we are all going through this together! While this may look different for each company and each couple, we are all working hard to find new ways to service our clients!

Our message is clear: We haven't given up and we don't want you to either!

We love this industry so much and invest all we are to our clients. I wanted to show you that, yes, this has been hard but we are ready to reinvent the wedding industry!

Smaller gatherings are here (for how long, who knows!)! I am a huge fan of small and intimate! Maybe a small wedding is not what you imagined but think of the possibilities!!! There is something so heart-felt to be surrounded by the closest people in your life on the biggest day of your life!

When we start focusing on the quality of people rather than the quantity of people a new appreciation is found in relationships!

Transitioning to a smaller wedding doesn't mean you have to "give up" on your dream wedding! The great news is that you can actually do more! Yes to more florals, yes to more customized food, yes to a more tailored bar, and trust me people will get on the dance floor! With less guests this mean less time to transition guests between events (ceremony to cocktail hour to reception) which could translate more time with your photographer + videographer. Imagine more time to get photos while still getting plenty of time to visit with your guests! This alone is a huge win!

Small and intimate can still be grand!

I think one of the biggest misconceptions right now is thinking that social distancing or wearing a mask will ruin a wedding. While it might not be what you imagined, it will not ruin the emotion that is found at a wedding. Couples don't have to wear a mask during the ceremony or during photos. Guests are not required to wear masks while eating or drinking, so really the masks are only a small part of the day! What I have found is that guests are really not bothered by the guidelines they just want to be social with the people they love! There are so many fun and creative ways to have a wedding!

Over the next few days, we will be showcasing the Reno Wedding Industry! You will see the faces behind these amazing companies and hear directly from them! Whether you need help to reimagine your wedding day or you are ready to start planning your wedding, reach out to professionals! I am so excited to share with you my wedding friends, their inspirational stories and to show you how fun a small gathering can be!

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