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When I started She Said Yes Weddings a few years ago, I had long list of things I needed to do: business licence, insurance, website and the list just kept going. I had at the bottom of that list: start a #goodblog. I have no clue why I added the word 'good' in there but I did. Maybe I had read bad blogs or maybe I had a thought at that moment to do something good? I have no idea but that list is still in my notebook all these years later.

I eventually started a blog on my website that, I'll be honest, was terrible. Like awful! It was poorly written and it didn't represent the She Said Yes Brand at all. I felt like I was just writing because I had too not because I loved it or really saw the importance of it. I probably saw it on a "start your own business" blog somewhere and I added it to my list of things I must do to be a successful business owner. Over the last two years, I have had it hidden from my website and trust me when I say, it has haunted me! Everytime I went on my website to do some updating or change things around, I'd see the blog tab and I would scroll past it as quickly as I could. I didn't know what I wanted it to look like or wanted it to say so I did the sensible thing and just hid it.

But here we are! During this time of stay-at-home orders and readjusting to the life without events, I started to think of ways my creative mind could get some rest. I was literally going nuts trying to find safe outlets and safe ways to keep my mental health a priority and ways I could stay creative. I have heard story after story about people who are suffering from depression and anxiety during all this and it breaks my heart! I knew I needed a safe and healthy outlet, which after many hours of having internal conversations about this blog, I decided to re-launch! I got rid of all the old content and I am starting all over, I'm starting fresh. I'll admit starting over is little frightening and little challenging because I wasn't sure where to start.

I decided that my first #goodblog would be about She Said Yes weddings, your #laketahoeweddingplanner.

Who we are and what we set out to do! I hope after reading this blog and future blogs, you know more about our mission and what our future goals are. I hope you leave feeling encouraged and in a mindset of it takes only one YES to change everything! we go! She Said Yes Weddings is a wedding planning company but we are also big believers! Big believers that each of us are world and heart changers with everything that we do! Everyday we have an opportunity to be better versions of ourselves than we were the day before. We can have moments of insecurity and worries but we have to challenge ourselves to become more than those thoughts. She Said Yes Weddings is a dream I had that I finally said #yes too which has evolved into a business that I am so incredibly proud of. Saying yes to a dream is so scary and it puts us in a place of vulnerability. I can't tell you how many times I have tried to stop myself from stepping out of my comfort zone to promote this company or to reach out to other people in the industry because I was so scared they would either a) judge me or b) laugh me back to my car. Maybe those things happened or maybe they didn't! That is not the moral of the story here. I had to prove to myself that I could do something bigger than I ever thought was possible.

Saying yes to a dream isn't as hard as we try and tell ourselves. Just take a look below:

1. Just say Yes! That is literally all it takes to start step one. Whether you are staring a business, starting a new project / job, a new blog or trying to accomplish a goal, all you have to do to start is say YES!

It's seriously that simple!

2. Find your Why! Having a mission statement from the beginning has been a game changer for me! I read that statement all the time when I get discouraged or if I get off-track. I say it out loud and I proclaim it! It's a reminder of why I started the journey of She Said Yes Weddings and it allows confidence to push away any fear I may have.

3. Be You! Don't make your business model, blog model, project model or anything other model for that matter based off anyone else. Be you! I have some really great and incredibly successful #weddingplanner

friends and what I have noticed is that we all run our business different. But it works! Find who you are in the process and show everyone that version. Being you is the best version of yourself you can ever be! It's honest-

While I absolutely love #weddingplanning and I love everything there is about the wedding industry, She Said Yes is more than a ring-on-the-finger concept! We are really seeking to change the idea of marriage and to teach people that simply by saying the word YES so much in life can change. One thing I have learned, maybe not the easy way, is that it is okay to start over. It is okay to fail a million times-the key is to keep trying and to keep pursing what you know you were born to do! Don't be scared...what are you saying YES to today?

Till Next Time-


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